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How to Search the Electoral Roll

Because 192.com allows you to search the Electoral Roll, you have access to much more flexible search options than you would with other people search engines.

Use Electoral Roll searching to search UK-wide – for example, you can search for "John Smith" without having to specify any type of location or current address. However, this might bring back a long list of results, so 192.com allows you to refine your Electoral Roll search by Other Household Occupants (e.g. spouse) or Likely Age (e.g. 35-39).

About the Electoral Register

The Electoral Register includes the names and addresses of the majority of UK citizens over the age of eighteen. Since 2003, 192.com has only published the edited Electoral Register annually. 2002 was the last year the full electoral register was available.

The most recent Electoral Roll is added to 192.com at the beginning of the year and updated quarterly.

Electoral Roll data:

  • Full names
  • Detailed addresses
  • Likely age
  • Length of residency
  • Other household occupants
  • Previous household occupants
  • Neighbour's details
  • 750 million people listed